Mission Statement

Our goal is to help you, as our reader, understand not only the mechanics of basic survival but how to cope should an event occur. Whether you may find yourself in, an austere environment a crisis situation, or the little hiccups we all encounter in everyday life, the information presented on this site is going to be of value to you.

There is a great deal of information and misinformation available on the topic of survival, self-reliance, and preparation,  it’s our goal to present high quality content minus the fluff, fear mongering, and tin foil often found elsewhere. Needless to say you will not see the staff here participating in the next episode of Apocalyptic Preppers.

Contributors are welcome, we are always looking for new and interesting topics as well as alternative points of view.  Please contact us for publishing guidelines.

Terms and Conditions

SurviveAnything.com is a content-driven and moderated site that is apolitical, agnostic, and family-oriented.  While interaction with our readers is encouraged, any discussion or promotion contrary to those conditions will result in unfavorable action.  Likewise, this site is moderated by former military professionals and subject matter experts who believe the best learning is achieved in a constructive environment based on mutual respect and professionalism.