“All Circuits Are Down” and Event Duration Discussion – Part 1

8358743_sI have difficulty writing less than a thousand words about any topic so I am going to break this discussion into a few parts.  The topic is the estimated duration of an event for planning purposes.

For the End is Near Crowd:

Before we dig in too deeply, let’s agree here and now that if your mindset is preparing for the collapse of civilization as we know it, this article and even this website might not be your best resource.  If you find yourself facing a zombie apocalypse, global biological event, EMP burst, nuclear exchange, anarchy, comet strike, or other Four Horsemen-style scenario please take a deep breath.  Nothing you can ever hoard, build, study, or otherwise prepare for will ensure your survival.  I recommend taking a few correspondence courses in medicine, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and basic electricity and power generation.  Then, build a fort around your local public library and defend it at all costs because the knowledge of the human race will disappear without those books.


How long should you prepare to sustain yourself and your family?  Well, before we get to that point; ask yourself about your local area and what are the likely events and interruptions that you and your family might face.  An average person on an average day might spend 1/3 of the day at work, 1/3 of the day at home, and 1/3 of the day somewhere in between.  Likewise, each member of your family and your extended family may fit a similar or completely different profile.  Who are you responsible for?  Is it just yourself?  Your spouse?  Your children?  Your parents?  The family pets?

I will continue this discussion in Part 2, “All Circuits Are Down” and Event Duration Discussion

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