Cold Weather Injuries

Superficial Frostbite
Superficial Frostbite

Below please see the powerpoint on cold weather injury prevention and treatment. It’s a powerpoint presentation from the Northern Warfare Training Center (NWTC). This is the same class all new guys took upon arrival to Alaska as part of Arctic Light Individual Training or  ALIT as it was known back then, now called Cold Weather Indoctrination Course or CWIC. This training was also repeated yearly just before winter and in most advanced cold weather and mountaineering courses.

Rather than try and reinvent the wheel I figured it best to just provide you with the same presentation we received. This class has also been updated to include information of the Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS) Gen III. I will get into that in more detail in a future article which will be more civilian centric.

Caution: This Presentation contains graphic pictures of actual cold weather injuries. This may be disturbing to some people but I assure you it’ll be more disturbing if it happens to you.

(Note: If you get a “bandwidth error” in the document viewer below please refresh your browser, if you still receive the message you can just download the file and view it that way.)

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