Emergency Edition: Protection From Home Invaders

The Situation: A zombie apocalypse, winter storm, world war, or alien invasion has led to you and your family to be hunkered down in your Billings family home. Out of nowhere a common opportunistic group of thugs invade the home putting you and your family in jeopardy. What do you do?

Tactic A: Aware of Your Surrounding, You Must Be Padawan.

In an emergency situation when outside state and national police forces may not be at their peak, it’s vital that you practice “CONSTANT VIGILANCE!” This is due to the fact that calls to the police may not be answered in a timely manner. Here are some tactics to deal with that.

  • If you have enough members of your family, sign lookouts to keep an eye on things outside the house.
  • Form a pact with neighbors to look out for each other. Ensure you have some means to communicate if something looks suspicious.
  • Install a security system like ADT security in your Billings, Montana home. Visual, physical, and audio sensors will scream a warning the moment that the thugs attempt to break through the doors or windows. This could potentially scare the intruders away or it will give you enough time to enact the second part of your plan.
    • Make sure you have generators that can run your security system or invest in solar powered panels that will allow the sun to power your systems.

Tactic B: Enact Emergency Drill Alpha

Each emergency drill will be different depending on the family size and the house schematics, this is one example. If you are going to involve neighbors in the defense tactics, I would coordinate emergency drills with them.

  • As soon as you are aware that you have an emergency situation, younger or weaker family members should go to a safe room if available. I would recommend an easily defendable area, a hidden room, or a room with a hidden exit.
  • Contact any potential back-up.

The emergency should be seamless. You should practice regularly to ensure home occupants know what they should do. You should also ensure that items that can be used as weapons are located in every room.

Tactic C: Traps

An inexperienced or smaller group can win, if you set up booby traps that will slow or prevent the intruder from entering the home. If you can’t do that, you should at least try to injure them enough to give you an edge. Just ensure that everyone that you know is aware where the booby traps are located. The last thing you need is an injury in the family. Here are a few booby trap ideas:

  • Plants with thorns below the window.
  • Covered Logs with nails sticking out.
  • Weak stair.
  • Hole covered with twigs and leaves.

Remember to use your imagination. For more inspiration, I would recommend dragging out Home Alone with a pad of paper. With a perimeter alarm, you might have enough time to set up some smaller traps inside.

Tactic D: You and your family embrace your inner ninja warrior. 

Family members who are old, strong, and skilled enough go to prearranged areas equipped with any weapon available. For this tactic to be fruitful against experienced thugs, I would recommend signing your family up for self-defense, martial arts, and fire-arms training. There is nothing worse than having weapons that you are not skilled at as it just gives them another weapon to use against you.

  • For younger children, you can get in fire-arms training in a safe environment by paintballing with the family. In most cases the younger children will not actually be involved in the defense, but it’s better to get this training in early.

The Ending: By the end of the home invasion, you should have a safe, family, home, and food supply. The robbers will be detained. Hopefully the outside situation is still stable enough to turn them over to the police when they finally arrive at your home.

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