In a Survival Situation? Send out an S.O.S.

The proverbial crap has just hit the fan and the fan is on high.  Whether a gunman opened fire nearby, your car died on an icy back country road in a snowstorm, or you looked outside your bedroom window to discover someone added the Apocalypse to your morning schedule without giving you a courtesy call, duck first and remember S.O.S.

Whitney Johnson just wrote a great article in the Harvard Business Review about crisis management at work called “If You’re in Over Your Head at Work, Try an S.O.S.”  When we talk about preparing for the unexpected, there are millions of possible situations you could encounter. In a crisis, we don’t want our readers to face analysis paralysis so we encourage simple acronyms and mnemonic devices that help you decide the right course of action.  That’s what acronyms like C.O.L.D. and S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L. are all about.

S.O.S. is another great acronym to remember.  Stop.  Organize.  Secure.  Stop means conserve your emotional and physical reserves.  Organize means assess the situation and decide on your next course of action.  Secure means grab the resources you need for that course of action.

I want to thank Whitney for a great article that everyone can appreciate in any crisis situation!

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