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SERE School
Matt in SERE School

[avatar user=”Matt” size=”medium” align=”left”]Matt was born and raised in northern Wisconsin.  From an early age, he was fascinated with stories of survival and self-reliance.  He traded the frigid cold of northern Wisconsin for the frigid cold of the Hudson River Valley as  he attended the United States Military Academy at West Point and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering.  While a cadet, Matt graduated from Airborne School, Air Assault School. and Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape High Risk (Level C) at JFK Special Warfare Center and School.

Matt was commissioned as an infantry officer and spent a year at Fort Benning, Georgia, before heading to the 172nd Infantry Brigade (Separate) at Fort Wainwright, Alaska.  Only 150 miles from the Arctic Circle, the rugged interior of Alaska posed one of the most hazardous natural environments on earth.  Matt joined the 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment (Semper Primus) as an Arctic Light Infantry Rifle Platoon Leader in Bravo Company, 2-1 IN.

PL in Alaska
Matt in Alaska as an Infantry Platoon Leader

The platoon deployed to Thailand in support of Cobra Cold 1999 as the opposition force for the 25th Infantry Division and spent some quality time in the jungle.  It was monsoon season so 100+ degrees with 100% humidity was normal.  The soldiers became well-acquainted with mud, rain, and extreme wildlife.  Coming back to Alaska, B/2-1 IN was alerted to deploy to East Timor with 4-123 Aviation to support Noncombatant Evacuation Operations as both door gunners and the unit quick reaction force.  The operation was cancelled and instead the unit welcomed the Alaskan winter with the now infamous Operation Hurricane in Fort Greeley, Alaska.  Members of B/2-1 IN recall this operation as the coldest and toughest arctic light infantry operation in their careers.  Ambient temperatures dipped below -70 degrees without adding in wind chill.  Ten man tents were a luxury and many nights were spent in just sleeping bags.  Fires were forbidden due to operational security.

Support Platoon
Matt with his Support Platoon in Alaska

After a great Joint Readiness Training Center Rotation, Matt moved on to the role of 2-1 IN Support Platoon Leader.  Trading squad and platoon battle drills for ammo request documents and vehicle maintenance was both challenging and rewarding.  A year later, Matt moved on to the role of Battalion Adjutant where he again deployed to Cobra Gold 2001.  This deployment was focused on training the Royal Thai Army on squad and platoon live fire exercises to the great displeasure of the Burmese Drug Lords.  Overall, the deployment was highlighted by a 5 ton truck that tried to swim, a lost pair of PVS-14s, and much less time in the jungle than the previous deployment.  Matt left the Army and Alaska in 2002 after 3 years, 9 months, and 19 days in the frigid north.  He credits his personal development and platoons’ successes to the amazing non-commissioned officers he had the privilege of serving alongside.

Moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, Matt has held multiple sales engineering and sales management roles with electronics manufacturers ever since.  To fulfill his dream of building a family-oriented website focused on self-reliance, Matt bought the domain  Like many great ideas, it sat as a parked domain until Matt found the right partner who shared his vision of the website’s potential.  That person was Mike R., Matt’s friend and former squad leader who went on to work as a private military contractor, security consultant, and entrepreneur. Together they co-founded and launched during 2013.  

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