Survival Story: 72 Year Old Man Survives 19 Days in Wilderness.

You may or may not have heard of Gene Penaflor, a 72 year old hunter that was found himself lost when he and a friend decided to separate to flush some deer. At some point Mr. Pentaflor fell and was knocked unconscious. When he came to a several hours later, injured and disoriented, he realized he’d been out for quite a while and was no longer sure of where he was.

Somehow in the fall he lost his knife and water, he did have his rifle, a lighter, and a couple trash bags. In order to survive over the next 19 days, he managed to kill a few squirrels as well as a snake and a couple frogs and lizards. He was also able found water nearby. He sought shelter under a fallen tree and kept warm with a fire, and by stuffing leaves and grass into his clothing for extra insulation.

His luck took a turn for the better when on the 19th day a group of hunters heard him yell for help.

Given that he lost his knife he fashioned a blade from rocks.

Some may wonder “how do you loose your knife and water” but it goes to show you how easily things can go sideways. It’s also a good example of how the saying “two is one, and one is none” holds true.

Mr. Pentaflor was quoted by a local news reporter as saying “I didn’t panic because panic will kill me right away. I knew that,” and how true it is. As we like to say here, Keep Calm and Survive Anything.

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